foreign flooring business

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foreign flooring business

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<p>counterparts set up a 'NCD no corner processing technology' alliance, to the Union outside the floor of the rights of enterprises, The The industry said: 'This technology, many companies are in use, you can not apply for a patent others can not be used, the original floor of a variety of technology companies are learned from abroad.' It is </p>
<p>reported that a foreign flooring business Is on this 'no corner processing technology' and Dewei floor to start the battle of rights. To deal with overseas 'clean up' the lack of internal forces Whether it is Shengjia to the Holy Elephant rights, or Dewey to set up a Union to peer rights, like fighting to fight the floor business are all advertised their </p>
<p>own enterprises are very focused on technological innovation. However, so attention to technological innovation, but also so bravely carry the 'maintenance of intellectual property rights,' the banner of the Chinese flooring business, but in international trade because of patent infringement and the collective encounter 'clean up.' In July 2005, </p>
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