clever combination of principles

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clever combination of principles

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<p>the appearance of cracked lines: In most cases, the paint should be removed with a chemical paint remover or a hot air gun, and then repainted. If the fracture range is not large, you can use a sand wholesale plastic wood planks uk grinding block or wet or dry cloth to remove the broken paint. After the surface is smooth and smooth, apply putty, apply a primer, and re-paint. Fourth, the paint flow: paint a brush too thick, that will cause rogue. The paint can not yet dry, brush the paint to open. If the paint has dried out, it should be dried thoroughly.</p> <p> Smooth the surface of the paint with a piece of shredded paper, clean it with a plastic wood walls exterior Mexico clean cloth, wipe it with a damp cloth, and then re-apply the paint on the outer layer. Do not brush too thick. Fifth, mold discoloration: This effect more than attack in the appearance of wet paint, such as condensation of water vapor in the appearance of glass and metal often occur brown-black stains. At this time, you can use a bactericide, according to the instructions of the instructions to deal with diy above ground pool deck plans Canada moldy parts, to be killed after the mold, the appearance of clean and clean, and then re-painting. </p> <p>Six, stains: There are many reasons for the appearance of stains on the paint surface. For example, the water in the white latex paint dissolves the material on the wall and the paint is rusted, and the rust appears on the wall that is rubbed with steel wool. Hidden pipe leaks in the wall appear stains. To avoid stains, first apply a layer of primer containing aluminum powder. If stains are already visible, remove the white latex paint from the stains, brush the primer with wood plastic composite deck tiles shops in dubai aluminum powder, and then re-paint.</p>
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