countrywide each district

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countrywide each district

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forestry bureau, China and the director that come from countrywide each district, specially invite attends the meeting. Kong Luoyuan vice-chairman, Cao army vice-chairman build a privacy fence out of pallets moderates respectively. Jiang Xianrong of vice director of council of work of industry of union of economy of industry of Gu Qian of vice director of office of government of industry of lumber of whole nation of national forestry bureau,

China made a speech; The conference listened 5x13 above ground pool wooden deck price to secretariat the working report 2001, discuss and passed emergency of working plan, person used matters concerned and concerned regulations system 2002; Lumber machined mechanical and professional committee to introduce working case; Lv Zheng of director of institute of style choose composite decking reviews economy of industry of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was made " the progress that adds WTO and

equipment of our country machinist estate " Li Zhiren of professor of college of special subject report, northeast forestry was made " the development of course of study of woodworker marine faux teak flooring of the our country after joining WTO and countermeasure; Jiang Zuhui chairman made important speech. The conference achieves complete success. The conference thinks, the job of association gained new headway 2001, association begins to
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