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BEIRUT, Feb. 23 (Xinhua) - - Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri lauded Thursday the decades-long relationship between Lebanon and Egypt, and thanked the latter for having always been a source of support for Lebanon and its people during the most difficult times, the National News Agency (NNA) reported.

Hariri represented by Telecoms Minister Jamal Jarrah, inaugurated the third Lebanese-Egyptian Business Forum, organized by the Egyptian-Lebanese Businessmen Friendship Association, in presence of Egyptian Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, Sahar Nasr, Lebanese Trade and Economy Minister Raed Khoury along with officials and investors from both countries, said the NNA.

""Late Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri, had always stressed the paramount importance of Arab unity, which he insisted would only be built on economic grounds. Economic unity is part and parcel to resolve political disputes between countries. Late Hariri used to reiterate the fact that we should all believe and trust in each other to be able to build a rigid economy,"" Jarrah said.

""We stand at the threshold of a new phase in Lebanon and the Arab world. President of the Republic, Michel Aoun's visit to Egypt emanates from his keenness on developing bilateral ties, at all levels,"" Jarrah concluded.

Nasr, for her part, emphasized the importance of bolstering Lebanese-Egyptian economic.

""Our meeting today is an important opportunity to discuss existing initiatives by the businessmen of both countries -- in support of the Egyptian and Lebanese economies -- and to discuss the best means to integrate these initiatives within the works of the Egyptian-Lebanese Joint Higher Committee, which will be holding its 8th meeting in Cairo in March 2017,"" she said.

The first forum was held in Beirut on February 13, 2015 and the second on November 10, 2015 with the participation of ministers and around 200 business leaders from both countries.


Lawn Mower Repairs: They Are Inevitable

Author: Jeff Casmer

Regardless of the type of lawn mower a person owns it will have to go through one or more lawn mower repairs at some point of its life Juraj Kucka Jersey , even top manufactures and models that worked perfectly in the beginning will require a tune up of at least one part.

One can prevent serious lawn mower repairs if maintenance is done on the machine regularly. In most cases lawn mowers repairs are due to a lack of attention to the machine.

But by doing maintenance checks every winter before storage and every spring before use as well as cleaning the underneath of the mower by scraping it and using and air compressor to clean the engine, air filter and carburetor you can avoid a number of repairs.

Prevention is often better the cure. Because lawn mower repairs can be costly, maintaining your machine is far more cost effective then neglecting it and then running out to purchase new parts.

That said, nearly all mowers will need a repair at some point. This may be a small repair such as replacing the blade or larger like repairing the small engine that powers the lawn mower. This may include replacing a clogged fuel filter, which is a common reason for why the lawn mower wont start, stalls or dies during use.

Lawn mower repairs are often tricky for the average user because in most cases the actual problem does not show up in the part that needs to be repaired but rather somewhere else in the machines.

For instance if your spark plug needs to be replaced it could be because there are snags in the carburetor. In this case, replacing the spark plug may help but you will also have to get the carburetor looked at. So lawn owners are often playing doctor to their lawn mowers as they try to diagnose the disease behind the symptoms.

Looking at every symptom or problem and trying to decipher what could be the cause is the best way to get to the root of the problem. Consider the problem. Is the problem that the lawn mower vibrates during use? Is it that it wont start?

Often, a lawn mower that will not start may be out of fuel or the ration of the fuel mix may be incorrect. By ruling out each cause related to starting the mower you can find the solution.

However, the lawn mower owner may not be able to get to the bottom of the issue or they may find, during the process, that the mower needs a serious repair. In each case it is best to call in a professional.

Professional lawn mower repairmen, not only fix major repairs but they also help lawn mower owners figure what is wrong with their lawn mower. The owner can then get some quotes on the repair cost and determine if fixing it is the best option or if the lawn mower has seen better days and a new mower is in order.

Lawn mowers are essential for keeping a healthy lawn. And repairing your lawn mower can help prolong its life.

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Jeff Casmer is a lawn mower expert and the owner of Lawn Mower Repair, a website dedicated to lawn mowers and lawn keepers.

After the wedding, all you have are the video and pictures. Nobody can be able to tell the event as better as pictures and sound. You thus have to acquire photos that can capture the whole ceremony and bring back all the joy and fun it was about. It is not enough to get a photographer to cover the event. It is essential that you get one who will produce images and sound you can view later and feel satisfied about it.

Your choice of expert should take proficiency into account. Weddings are one time events. If the photographer gets it wrong, you cannot hold another one to cor.
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