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By Eric J. Lyman

ROME Jordan Weal Womens Jersey , Nov. 10 (Xinhua) -- Italian police announced this week they had arrested a Tunisian national connected to terror organizations after he entered Italy as part of a group of migrants, but experts said it would be wrong if the case sparked fears that dangerous terrorists could be slipping into Europe among waves of refugees.

Police in Sicily said this week that in October they arrested Mehdi Ben Nasr, who had been sentenced to seven years behind bars in 2008 in connection with planned terror attacks from groups thought to have connections to al-Qaeda. Ben Nasr was expelled from Italy upon his release from the high-security Benevento Prison.

But Italian officials said Ben Nasr tried to sneak back into Italy a month ago, using a fake name -- Mohamed Ben Sar -- and claiming to be an asylum seeker trying to make his way to northern Europe to reconnect with relatives.

He was easily identified when the fingerprints taken upon Ben Nasr's arrival on the southern Italian island of Lampedusa matched those taken when he was in prison.

Angelino Alfano, Italy's minister of the interior said repeatedly that there was no evidence Islamic extremists were sneaking into Europe amid the arrival of migrants and that Italian border officials were constantly on the lookout for suspicious arrivals.

Marco Amuso, a Sicilian State Police official involved with processing migrants when they arrive, said the arrest of Ben Nasr was proof Italian border measures work.

"He tried to sneak in and he was identified and arrested," Amuso told Xinhua. "It shows the system works. There is no reason this should make people concerned."

Sabrina Magris, a security expert and president of the Ecole Universitaire International and the Institute for Peace and Security, said it made much more sense for a potential terror figure to try to enter Europe by land or through commercial transport than amongst refugees where the figure was sure to be closely monitored.

Magris did allow that for an unknown extremist, it could be easier to sneak into Italy and Europe amid the tide of refugees and asylum seekers, though even then she said the strategy was full of risks. But for a known figure like Ben Nasr, the strategy made little sense.

"I think what happened may illustrate the level Mehdi Ben Nasr has been reduced to, and not to any kind of an increased terror threat," Magris said in an interview.

"Ben Nasr was an important, wanted figure in 2007 and 2008, but the nature of terrorism has changed a great deal since then," Magris continued.

Table tennis is a really fun sport and most people love to enjoy this sport on the patio on a beautiful warm summer afternoon or in the basement for some friendly competition. If you are a die hard fan of table tennis you must have your own table tennis or ping pong table to enjoy your favorite sport anytime. But before planning to purchase one for yourself you need to be sure of what you want to get the best bargain. There are several table tennis equipments that you need to consider. Table tennis equipments in general are not too many and one must not hesitate to purchase the best.

The Table

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For playing table tennis the most important equipment is the racket. As far as the rules of table tennis are concerned one can use a racket of any size, shape, and material. But however for quick response it is better to invest on a good quality laminated wooden racket covered with pebbled rubber on one or two sides. The rubber helps in controlling the ball and spinning it the way the player wants. Go for a racket which has a better grip, feel and touch abilities.

The Ball

Extreme care should be taken while purchasing the ball for your Stiga table tennis table. The ball should be perfect round and should neither be too hard nor too soft. Buy a light 2.7 gram, 40 mm diameter ball and the ball must bounce up to 23 cm when dropped on the Stiga ping pong table from a height of 30 cm. To check the quality of the ball check the stars on the ball. A ball with 3 stars is of the highest quality, and is used in official competitions.


As table tennis is an indoor game it is essential to have good lighting overhead. For adequate lighting use at least four 200-watt bulbs in a playing space of twenty-five feet by twelve. Plus there must be ample space between the floor and ceiling to allow the players enjoy strokes without hitting the ball on the ceiling.

Net and the Posts

Buy a net with a total length of six feet for your Stiga table tennis table. The net is fixed on the posts located on both sides of the table by using a cord. The posts must be six and three-quarter inches high. Always remember that the net must be exactly six inches from the table top.

Once the above equipments are purchased, you can enjoy playing table tennis on your Stiga ping pong table.

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