"Bulgaria CAN do more"

The mission of "Bulgaria CAN do more" Foundation is to advance education and improve social welfare. We united in our common causes, dedicated to creating more opportunities and develop the civil society. By building and promoting educational campaigns, collaborating, sharing information, implementing proven strategies, and supporting each other, we aim to provide educational opportunities to all as we believe that education should be accessible to all as a tool to build a better society.

Our vision is to work for a world where there is equal access to social welfare for people from all backgrounds and merit is taken into account. To achieve this, we perform the following activities.

  • Educate through informative and training materials and seminars. The goal is to increase understanding and to change attitudes and remove misconceptions.

  • Partner with other organizations and institutions dedicated to promoting social welfare and providing information and support to people in need, and other non profit organizations.

  • Advocate for laws and policies and improved regulations to guarantee equal opportunities and ensure appropriate care, living conditions, and social welfare. We strive to work with the public and private sectors to ensure needs are met.

  • Organize events and campaigns to focus on initiatives, including preventive care and assistance. We also provide online consultations and trainings.

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